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Technology Services

Our core area of focus is in consulting and optimization planning in cloud strategies, data management, and cyber security technology.  You will find our primary services listed below. 

Other Paladin divisions include sales training and management, business development strategies, go-to-market, CEO coaching, automation, product planning, pre-ipo preparation, event speakers and growth optimization.  To find out more about these other areas of focus just reach out and let us know what you are interested in and we will connect you with the right Paladins. 

Technology Stack Consulting

Shaking Hands

Sometimes you have to take a step back to get your bearings and see where you want to go. Technology is changing at a rapid pace. What was cutting edge yesterday may be obsolete tomorrow. We can help you plot a course that is more flexible and future proof. This can help you avoid hitting expensive technology dead ends, compliance pitfalls or unanticipated forklift upgrades. 

This starts with your business objectives. It leverages what you already own and plans for current and future business technology needs. It is a proactive approach instead of reactive. 

Cyber Security Planning

Fort St.John

Cybersecurity attacks happen every 11 seconds.  The average cost of a successful cyber attack is over $9.44 Million dollars.* Over 20% of US businesses have already suffered damage.  Attackers are more sophisticated than ever with attacks coming from Smart TVs, security cameras, even off the shelf PCs. Old permitter defenses are no longer adequate.

We start with a zero trust posture. But we go even further assuming that you will be compromised.  If this happens, we can help you develop ways to get back in business within minutes, saving you time, liability, and potential financial disaster.  (and save millions of dollars. 


*$9.44 from 2022

Data Life Cycle Management

Direction Signs

Some companies we have consulted with had a "Keep-All-Data-Forever" policy. Others have compliance requirements which dictate retention policies.  With an average corporate data growth rate of 17.8% per yr.*, or even higher for information heavy companies, data storage is becoming exorbitantly expensive. 


We encourage businesses to consider that some data might have a staggered shelf life, where storage cost per TB may get less expensive over time, instead of more expensive.  At Paladins we can help you plot a logical and cost effective course on your data lifecycle journey.

*Fortune Business Feb 2023

             Cloud Strategies

Construction Crane

Modern clouds have created virtually unlimited scalability and provides great economic value. Build your cloud strategy logically and strategically, not reactively.


Our founder sold $1 Billion dollars of Office 365 and has helped 1000s of clients move to the cloud including Fox, Lionsgate, NIST, the Treasury Dept. and the Federal Courts. 


Paladins works with all the major cloud platforms and many key hardware and software providers. Each has their strengths and weaknesses. We can help you plan your ongoing tech journey that will save you time and money. 

Vendor Agnostic Solutions

 RFPs / POCs, Lower TCO  

In Negotiation

Our Paladins have worked for OEMs of the major solutions providers. But, now as a non-captive, independent, consultant, we can maintain an objective view of the entire technology landscape. 


We can enable you to cherry pick just the best pieces of multiple solutions to create a tapestry of the best of breed technology solutions.  We can help you leverage little known licensing loopholes or tiered architecture to minimize costs.  We can create/run RFPs, RFIs and POCs.  We even know techniques for negotiating better pricing from vendors we used to sell for. 

V.A.R. services, Hardware, Licensing Strategies and more.

The Future

IT faces challenges like never before.  Big Data and AI are creating incredible deliverables. Remote employees need secure access to data and applications. Most companies have moved to the cloud somewhat and are still evolving but still have on premises hardware. 

You can become an expert in each solution. But, how do you glue it all together?  How do you plan for business needs and solutions that don't exist yet? How do you get a deal on hardware?  We can help you create flexible options today that will dovetail into tomorrow's business needs. 

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