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Free Services, Paid Services, V.A.R.

At Paladins Inc the initial discovery call is always at no cost. We do offer paid consulting engagements or paid projects like vendor selection, RFP / RFI creation and/or management, solution procurement, onboarding, project management or others.  But, in many scenarios we will not charge for our expert advice.  We will be completely transparent in our expectations. In many cases we will waive our general consulting fee if you agree to purchase your desired services through us when possible and we will try to make sure we have the best overall price. 

In some cases when Paladins Inc finds a particularly valuable product, service, hardware or software offering Paladins Inc may choose to become an approved V.A.R. or value added reseller of that solution. While we maintain objective recommendations, we can often combine thin margins on resold products to reduce your total cost and provide even greater value. You often can't buy these service directly from the OEM. So, why not use Paladins as your partner of choice. We try to leverage promotions and negotiation strategies to get you the best overall value.  Rest assured we will give you our best advice even if we don't resell a particular product. 

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Businesses can buy various software like Office 365 from many sources, for example. But, buying some of these products from Paladins can earn you additional value in many key areas like product training, multi-OEM product integration, deficiency work arounds, additional support options or leveraging OEM incentives on a case by case basis. Often this means lower TCO.


Paladins continually cultivates relationships to create additional value. In this case special relationships, alternative architectures and thin margins can reduce hardware costs in many ways.  In some cases trade-in credit may be possible for old hardware.  Other financing or depreciation strategies can improve the bottom line. 

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