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Why Paladins Inc?

Paladins Inc:  Trusted advisors to the King.

Charlemagne or Charles the Great 747 AD – 814 AD united most of Europe after the fall of the Roman Empire and was crowned King of the Danes and later Emperor of Rome in 800 AD by Pope Leo III. Charlemagne appointed 12 Paladins, 12 legendary knights as his most trusted advisors as well as being fierce protectors. Some say they were similar to the knights of the round table in the Arthurian Legend. Later the word Paladin came to include the King's strategist, political advisors, economists and more. More recently Paladin is often interpreted as a righteous white knight on mission for good.  

Paladins Inc is an organization of experienced professionals whose primary goal is to help their King utilizing their extensive experience and insider knowledge.  At Paladins the client is King.

Like Charles the Great, we have assembled an elite team of trusted experts and advisors.  Each Paladin focuses on a specific business need like Technology Stack Advising, Cybersecurity, Go to Market Strategy or Operations Optimizing.


Generally Paladins use their expertise to save businesses time, energy and money.  By evaluating leading solutions in the industry as they evolve they identify key differentiators or stand out winners. They take discovered business needs and tailor a solution to fix each desired scenario. They often mix and match the best components of the different solutions to optimize your technology infrastructure to fit within your desired parameters.  Whether your goal is to reduce cost, improve security or satisfy compliance, we usually know the solutions mix to get you there if it is solvable. 

Sometimes it's hard to separate hype from reality.  Many solutions sound good on paper or on their website.  We help you make sense of it all. Which solutions over promise, which get expensive later, which ones lack key security elements. It is not easy to see the cracks or bonuses in each solution without further due diligence. 

Our founder and CEO has been in the technology space for over 35 years.  He has helped over 1000 clients improve their technology stack including areas like: global data networks, security enhancements, on premises hardware, M365, AWS or Google Cloud deployments. Some key organizations that he has worked with successfully include the U.S. Treasury Department, N.I.S.T., N.A.S., U.S. Federal Courts, Lionsgate Entertainment, Sony, Fox, WorldCom, Global Crossing, Microsoft, Google, Facebook, Walmart, Amazon Capital One and many more. 

We encourage you to consult with a Paladin before your next quest. It could improve the outcome. 

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