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The exponential growth of technologies and threats,

 has put a heavy burden on IT professionals to constantly know more. 


At Paladins Inc, we aspire to be your white knight, to help you to know more,

see farther, and plan better.  We help you do more with less. 

Blue Skies

Technology, DATA & Communications


After decades of selling technology solutions for major OEMs, we discovered a few tricks.


We uncovered the best mixes of data management and communication services for your specific business requirements. 

A team discussion at a trading room

"If I have seen a little further it is by standing on the shoulders of Giants" - Sir Isaac Newton

Cloud Computing

Microsoft, AWS and Google do not backup your data in their "shared responsibility model".  72% of companies are at risk.  

Cyber Security

Defend your data against new, ultra creative cyber attacks.  Refuse the ransom. Restore business in minutes. 



Data Management

Manage all your data from almost any source with a single easy-to-use interface, like half of the Fortune 100 do.

Helping you find the best solutions.


We leverage the best creative solutions from the industry's most powerful software, hardware and cloud companies.

After years of selling these solutions for the OEMs, we have discovered unique techniques to cut costs and maximize efficiencies. 


Avoid wasting time and money trying to figure out which solution works best.  Achieve solid security, lightning fast recovery and nearly effortless management.

1. Multi-Cloud Strategies 

2. Cyber Security defense in depth

3. Data Lifecycle Mgmt. & recovery

Data Management   

Cubicle Patterns

Cloud Computing     

Data Cloud



Developing a Comprehensive Strategy

​Your data store is growing, on average by 17.8% per year.* Traditional backups on legacy systems are are slow, cumbersome and often dark data. Cyber attacks now target backups first. Speed of recovery is critical. D.R.A.A.S. is a common business requirement these days.  Immutable storage is the new standard. Often you need a multi-cloud plus premises recovery. 


Most businesses would like to recover quickly from a catastrophic failure or a cyber attack. Many have back-ups but have no real way to recover in less than an hour.  Often they feel that this is an impossible objective or an incredibly expensive option.  The truth is that this is usually very possible at a price point which is probably lower than you think.   Maybe less than you are paying now. 

Office 365 is an incredibly valuable communications suite. G-Suite is Google's equivalent. These two clouds and Amazon's AWS have on thing in common.  They all use a "shared responsibility model" where they do not backup your cloud data. 72% of businesses are at risk*.  Often accidental or malicious deletions occur and are not discovered within the 14 day recovery window resulting in non-recoverable data. We can show you the best methods for protecting and restoring your multi-cloud data in a cost efficient manner. And, show methods for optimizing your Office 365, AWS and Google spending. 

Cyber attacks increased 700% in the last two years per Gartner.  Traditional front line defenses are still needed. But, many attacks now approach from nontraditional approaches to your attack surface.  Remote employees, application sprawl, cloud connections and wifi-enabled devices have increased your attack surface and created more access points that can be leveraged by hostile attackers, rogue employees or just accidental actions.  We go beyond "zero trust" to "assumed breach" for business continuity planning.  In other words, we assume that your security will fail eventually.  Then your plan B kicks in like a circuit breaker to bring you back to normal.  

*17.8% CAGR data growth from 2023-2030 trend.

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